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I've included this page basically as a service to those of you who got forced into doing a report on homelessness.  The links below are just cock full 'o statistics and the like.  In turn, they have links leading to even more statistics etc. etc.  You should be able to find all the 'hard' facts you need.  IMHO not nearly as interesting (or dare I say entertaining) as my first hand accounts, but there ya go.

With that in mind, I'll answer any questions you might have about being homeless etc.  because, again IMHO, a first hand account can give insights that no amount of statistics ever will.

One thing I noticed in going over these statistics,  is that my observations of other homeless people at times contradict the numbers I have seen provided.  For instance, the number of mentally ill homeless seems much higher from what I've seen.  I've never seen (maybe I missed them) statistics regarding the homeless population I refer to as, the Chronic Screw-Ups.  As far as the "Homeless Problem" goes these are the individuals that make you want to throw up your hands and scream "I give up."  Their philosophy in life seems to be to work very hard AT NOT WORKING.  They actually BRAG about how they ducked doing some sort of task etc.  And yet, when you talk to them, they are filled with resentment about how unfair life is and how they can't get a break.  It's almost as if they view life as just a game which they feel it's clever to 'cheat' at, and then can't understand why they aren't winning.

As far as the homeless with addiction problems, they are very easy to spot.  They are almost always the panhandlers.  Which is why my advice is to NEVER give money to a panhandler.

Ah, but I'm running off on a tangent here.
 Perhaps more on these subjects at another time.
 For the moment I'll just leave you with the links below.  Should you have questions, use the questions page or email me.

National Homeless Organization
Department of Housing and Urban Development
End Homelessness

All three of these links have vast sums of information but of the three, the HUD site is probably the best.  Not only does it have state-by-state information available but county information from within the states.  Very comprehensive site.
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