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Ah, the questions.  If you have more than a score of brain cells firing in sequence then my guess is you have some questions.  Initially I had thought to 'pre-answer' many of the questions that I thought would probably be asked.  I disregarded this notion after a small amount of consideration.  If I were to give a 'canned' answer to a question as yet unasked, you might feel less inclined to ask a similar question.  Sometimes the wording of a question will open up an avenue of thought that I hadn't previously considered.  So with that in mind, ask away.  Provided for your convinience a questions form... Gosh don't ya feel special?  Yes, it SAYS it's a guest book, but frankly it doesn't know any better and I don't want to disillusion the poor thing...  
Eventually I'll list the questions and perhaps responses on this page as well.
However, right now this site is so fresh it still has that new site smell.  Go ahead, sniff the screen.  See?  Jump in now and yours might be the first question!  Oh Joy!
Homeless Home Page
Important note:  If the questions form/guestbook (whatever) is acting up or just plain missing on your browser, use email please.
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