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The scratch N' sniff version!
Welcome to  Humble Harv's Homeless Handbook.  

 As we dive into the dumpster of our current topic, lets take a moment to put a whole new spin on the word homeless.  Fact is, its gotta go.  I mean, the word has LESS in it.  Americans don't want LESS, they want MORE.   So maybe homemore?  Naw, sounds too much like an appliance.  Homefree?  How about Urban Adventurist?  Extreme Camper?  Metropolitan Survivalist?   You need to cast off the homeless label and.......... wait a sec....

 Me just had a thunk.  I smell a new reality series here.  Oh, it has legs, this baby could run.  Eight regular people (a few of them REALLY good looking) are turned loose in a city to survive with nothing but their wits.  You could call it Street Wise or City Safari.... whatever.  And it wouldn't be just about them, but the reactions they get from the general public. Perhaps simply the next 'location' for Survivor?  Talk about your hostile environments!  I feel a powerful Top 10 ratin' a comin' on!  Can I get an Amen!?  This could be big big big I tell you!  The free publicity from the 'outrage' alone should nail down a 20 share.  Yes!   I'll leave it to the pros to figure out the details.  Just remember where the concept came from.  Obviously I'm available as a consultant.  *rimshot*.
No, seriously.

Huh?  Oh.  Name change.  Right.
 I am to be thinking, homeless is word no sexy.  Is not.   With  sexy name perhaps more people would want to experience the fun and excitement of sleeping in unique and challenging locations or the unparalleled exhilaration of dumpster diving.   Just think, with the right approach, homelessness, or Extreme Camping  could become tres chic.  We'll work on it and let you know.  Your suggestions of course, would be appreciated.
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Gee a home.  I sort of remember what that was like.
Wish I had one to go BACK to.  
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